Your local chain pizza joint’s slogan should

Extraordinarily ordinary

Duck duck fuckity woot

I just turned on a machine that is so old, it still used apt-get update

Am I giving Elon money? Likely. On the same token, I’ve been giving and neocities more money over the last two years than I’ll give Twitter ever. Idc who I give it to as long as the service I’m using is worth it to me.

Also I’m not even using Twitter to shitpost. Go to to tell Twitter to buzz off with ads if you wanna see my brain trash vomit on a screen.

To be honest I’ve run a Mastodon server for MYSELF and it cost $15 a month because the computational requirements of Activitypub are high for a small amount of users unless scaled up to where there are enough users to outweigh computation.

Consider most of my tweets from here on out shitposting because that’s all social media is good for. Want to be informed? Go touch some grass.

Those same silly pants go to Mastodon when is BUILT on Mastodon. Thought you’d never use a product where speech is hard to sensor.

People be mad about Twitter’s $8 while they freeload off of someone’s Mastodon server that likely costs them $20+ per month.

It’s astonishing that by using just some of the easy lists that I’m blocking 60% of my traffic with no degredation to my service. If you serve ads. I apologize. But the ad platforms you choose aren’t in my best interest.

Re-watching Star Trek the Original Series. My Toddler is quite unhappy that Blippi had to go bye bye.

madqubit 👽 Got the ARRR stack back up. Feelsgoodman

Got the ARRR stack back up. Feelsgoodman

madqubit 🙂 What some people don't realize is that while the M...

What some people don't realize is that while the Mainframe interface isn't the prettiest, it's a heck of a lot faster than a Web UI.

Don’t say things you don’t mean. And don’t go along with things you don’t agree with.

It’s really hard to watch The Patient because all I see is an old Michael Scott.



Bought a Mighty Wallet.

Disassembling it for the folding pattern, and an just gonna make tyvek wallets for the rest of my life.

Incremental change is unstoppable.

Single solution to push based MFA fatigue. Get everyone a Yubikey.

Dance like nobody’s watching & encrypt your personal data like everyone is.

Want to de-stress?

  • stop watching the news
  • stop reading the news
  • dump social media you don’t control.
  • read a book 📚
  • work on that project you’ve wanted to finish.
  • touch some grass.

Lost in the bits.

Sticky hair, don’t care.